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At ID Conquer, we want to help qualified designers get their NCIDQ License. We know asking a past employer to verify your work experience can be awkward; or maybe your firm doesn't have any designers or architects that meet the sponsorship requirements. We can help.  This is a free service and is NOT being exchanged for any goods or in-kind services. 

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How it works

  Step 1: Review the NCIDQ website for the exam eligibility requirements. A combination of education requirements and work experience are required to be eligible. Your educational background will dictate how many work hours are needed to be eligible for the exam. This can vary from two to four years working full time in the industry. In 2024, work experience hourly minimums will be required in six categories. 


Step 2: Prepare your paperwork for a 30 minute interview with your potential sponsor. You will need:

  • A copy of your current resume or link to LinkedIn Profile

  • Links to/proof of work samples demonstrating experience in programming, conceptual/schematic design, design development, construction documents, project administration (to review in session)

  • To Demonstrate experience with all phases of design and 

  • Completed ID Conquer sponsor checklist - page 2 & 3 

Step 3: E-mail with the above paperwork and up to three dates/times of availability over the next week with your local time zone for scheduling.

Step 4: Once interview is complete, if you meet the minimum requirements defined by the NCIDQ, you will need to upload your work experience criteria in NCIDQ's "MyNCIDQ Account" portal. The potential sponsor will get a notification from NCIDQ that a candidate is awaiting work verification approvals. ID Conquer's certified designer will review the request in the portal and respond within 72 hours. From there, NCIDQ will complete their review process - which can take between one and two weeks.

You can learn more about the process by downloading our Sponsorship Checklist.

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