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Join our all teached guided practicum study group. 


The ID Conquer program is customized for each exam, so you don't have to study content that isn't relevant to the exam you are taking. This semester we will have up to two instructor led Connect sessions each month to go over practice and student questions. Practicum Connect sessions to occur select Sundays starting at 11:30AM EST / 10:30AM CST / 9:30AM MST / 8:30AM PST


Study Group material is be comprised of:
  • an exercise workbook; this was created to help you reinforce the concepts you are learning about. Exercises and solutions are provided
  • reading assignments; stay on track by following our reading schedule
  • video shorts; In each module, a series of pre-recorded videos will be available to you that pertain to the content you are studying. This is available via our private Youtube channel. These videos cover the broad range of topics on the exam
  • an audio book; hate computer voices - we do too; that is why we recorded the reading assignments for you. 
  • practice questions; these are aligned to the topics covered in your weekly module. Reinforce key concepts with practice questions. 
  • online flashcards; we have glossary terms and some practice tests through Quizlet
  • online platform to connect with other students; we use Google Classroom to stay connected throughout our time together. 


The Interior Design Reference Manual (IDRM) by David Kent Ballast is the primary reading resource for this course. We use the 7th edition.

Practicum 2023

  • Materials are distributed via the Google Classroom platform. You can download the e-book, watch our Discover videos and more! You will receive your login link for the Google Classroom upon check out.

  • Access to ID Conquer material begins the day the material is purchased and runs through April 30, 2023. The fee includes access to all of our content through this time period.