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Updated: May 20, 2020

Not sure where to start preparing for the NCIDQ exam? No worries, we have some suggestions.

1. Buy the Interior Design Reference Manual by David Kent Ballast. You will want to read this from cover to cover. We even have a sweet discount when you use IDC15 at checkout for 15% off!

2. Have questions, but don't know who to ask? Join the Facebook group:

NCIDQ Study Group - USA. This forum has past and present test takers connecting about where to get discounted study material or even how to explain select topics. Poll your peers to see if they know the difference between a contract document and a contract agreement?

3. Quizlet is a free app for your phone that includes a website so you can study various topics. Keep your NCIDQ flashcards at your fingertips when you search the ID_conquer flashcards set. Key terms are organized by chapter of the 6th edition of the Ballast Reference Manual.

4. Need some practice? Get it from the source. CIDQ offers single use sample quizzes. Prices range from $55-$75 depending on the exam.

5. Download the exam building codes and blueprints from CIDQ. These are a great guide to kick start your studying!

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