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ID Conquer offers a twelve to sixteen week virtual, instructor led study group. Classes are offered twice a year to coincide with the spring and fall exams. During class we discuss and simplify complex content covered on the exam, review practice questions, and connect with other designers studying for the exams. We offer one study group per exam so you can take them at your own pace and don't study material that isn't relevant to you. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and work with colleagues outside of class hours to better understand material.


A big part of participating in a study group is being able to hold yourself accountable to your peers. Just like you, they are trying to manage their jobs and personal lives, while squeezing in time to study for an exam. Participants range in work experience from recent graduates to over thirty years of industry experience. 


After studying for over a year and a half, I successfully passed the NCIDQ Certification exams in October 2013.  Aside from learning a lot while I prepared for the exam, I noticed that studying alone was not the best way for me to be successful. After a few years of practicing commercial interior design, I decided to create study materials to help other interior designers prepare for and pass the exams. Since the fall of 2017, I have been refining my study materials and have taught several study groups in the Southern California area.



Fast forward to present day, and we have had over 100 students participate in our study group with a 75% pass rate across the U.S. and Canada.  Our study group includes a dedicated instructor for each class. 


The most difficult part about studying for the NCIDQ exam is:

  • Finding the time to balance work and life

  • Re-learning how you learn (for most of us, it has been a minute since we were in school)

  • Staying motivated after months of preparation (you can do it!)

  • Having the confidence to just schedule the exam

Meet the Team

ID Conquer is the ultimate virtual interior design study group. Their experienced team of working designers have a wealth of knowledge, each with their own NCIDQ certificate. Be assured that this team of professionals have the expertise and ambition to help you conquer any exam.

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